Will China acquire a taste for the pawpaw?

Dr.PAWPAW in China

Liveshopping to Success

Project Details

Dr.PAWPAW is an international personal care brand from the United Kingdom for multi-purpose skin and lip care. Co-founded to offer a natural solution to their daughters skin problems, the trending brand quickly gained popularity outside of their home market. With a strong focus on providing a healthy alternative to conventional solutions, their products offer high-quality, cruelty-free solutions to skincare, centered around natural ingredients.

After planning and executing their venture to China, we set our next target on accelerating their e-commerce business. To achieve this, we utilized liveshopping and KOL cooperations in their tailor-made marketing mix.

KOL Cooperations

Liveshopping can fulfill several purposes. Particularly for newly established brands, this can be a great lever to gain traction in China, where their brand may not be as famous as in Europe. Increasing brand awareness, building trust and increasing traffic were our central goals in our liveshopping strategy for Dr.PAWPAW. Since its launch on Tmall, multiple cooperations with KOLs on large channels on Taobao were established. By tapping into the KOLs' large followership, Dr.PAWPAW was able to establish itself in the new market and gain thousands of new customers.

Converting Traffic

While short term sales were not the main target during these streams, they can still be an indicator for the success of a stream. In merely 10 minutes, over 800 pieces of Dr.PAWPAW Original Clear Balm were sold during a cooperation with beauty blogger Cheney for instance.

In order to maximize the benefit from KOL cooperations, we supported conversions and the trust building process by offering regular in-house livestreams. These are integrated directly into the flagshipstore and allow potential customers to inform themselves further about the products and receive consultancy similarly to that of an offline store. With this strategy, Dr.PAWPAW has reached a total of over 70,000 fans within 7 months.

And when will your brand stream to success?