Will green designs grow on Chinese customers?

Koziol in China

Sustainable Branding

Project Details

Koziol is an international design brand from Germany for what can broadly be described as items from daily life. They have almost a century of experience in their home market and have been active in China for multiple years through a distributor. With a strong focus on sustainability, their products offer high-quality, reusable alternatives to single-use items such as coffee-to-go cups.

For their e-commerce business in China, we set the goal to position the brand in accordance with their target group, localize their marketing resources and develop campaign strategies. To achieve this, we conveyed our findings and strategic recommendations through in-depth workshops with the client and distributor.

Brand Positioning

Based on in-depth market analysis, we supported Koziol in defining and understanding their potential customers in China. During our workshops, we then recommended strategies to Koziol to activate and convert prospects into a loyal customer base. This included product selection and assortment planning, optimizing PDPs, localizing marketing resources and campaign planning.

Localization & Campaign Planning

To reinforce the new branding strategy, it was crucial to localize Koziol’s marketing materials. For instance, this includes replacing the product pictures, which previously featured European models, with ones specifically designed to resonate with their Chinese customers.

Additionally, we support Koziol with the planning process of their campaigns. Shopping events, such as Single’s Day, can make or break the annual success of FMCG brands in China. While every campaign needs to be planned with current developments in mind, we provided Koziol with general guidelines, best practices and strategic approaches tailored to their brand. With this framework, the foundation for elevating their cross-border success is laid.

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