What's not to miss for e-commerce campaigns in China?

July 29th, 2020

Digitalization in China

Which Campaigns Are the Most Relevant?

Then what are the promotion methods?

Surely, on top of generally reduced sales prices during the promotion event, there are plenty of ways to offer discounts to customers. The availability of promotion types depends on the campaign and the e-commerce-platform itself. For instance, the Red Envelope culture, as a part of old Chinese tradition, dated back to the Qin Dynasty, where the red envelopes as gifts were normally distributed during certain events such as Chinese New Year, weddings as well as birthdays, and the envelopes are normally given from the older to the younger generations. As this tradition is very significant in China, somehow it manages to adapt its way into the digital world.

China’s most famous messenger app WeChat, for example, is enabling its users to send red envelopes between contacts and each other. Moreover, brands and stores are also using this function to push promotions by sharing red envelopes as a rebate to their customers and motivate them to shop more often.

Alternatively, another way to offer discounts is by offering bundled products. Next to the classic marketing of ‘buy one, get one’, most often brands are also using methods such as ‘buy two, get one’ or ‘buy one, get 50% of the second purchase’, and so on. During campaigns, products are not only promoted by price-off promotions but also by creating special product offers. Some brands even create limited product editions or gift boxes to attract more customers. Other brands often offer additional gifts if a certain number of products has been bought or when a basket value has been reached. It is fair to say that free shipping and free taxes are basically mandatory during campaigns and, although they have to be applied, are no tool to let a store or brand stand out.

Besides the already mentioned promotion tools, that are happening at the store on a product level, are quite straightforward and can be directly detected by the shoppers. Nevertheless, paid marketing tools such as keyword bidding and content marketing in the forms of live streaming or posts on social media are also important tools to drive sales. Last but not least, in order to reach the defined campaign goals to increase brand awareness and profitability, the planning of the campaign needs to start much earlier. There are multiple things to consider for pre-campaign preparation, including KOLs booking, product images and design arrangements as well as live streaming scheduling. Therefore, perfected pre-campaign planning is crucial to seize the opportunity and achieve the defined goals.