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Holistic Solutions for Your Business in China:
360-Degrees. Seamless. Flexible.

As an awarded partner, oddity Asia supports your brand in entering, accelerating and succeeding in this high-potential market via e-commerce and digital marketing. Our strategies and solutions are customized to fulfill your vision and needs at every step, in all project stages.

Scale your venture with a smooth, hassle-free and successful market entry: Grow your brand, customer base and customer satisfaction to accelerate ROI.

  • Strategic Planning
    Strategic Planning
  • Flagship Store Operations
    Flagship Store Operations
  • Logistics
  • Design
  • Customer Service
    Customer Service
  • IT Integration
    IT Integration

Brand Establishment, Flagship Store Setup and Logistics Fulfillment:
The First Steps in Your Target Market

oddity Asia registers and sets up all accounts you need to kick start your business in China. Our local experts understand the specific requirements of vast platforms as well as how to clear any roadblocks and uncertainties (e.g. Tmall Store, Alipay, Cainiao, Kaola, XHS, etc.). In close partnership with key players like Alibaba, we guide you through all the formalities to prepare and complete all crucial legal documents—with clearly defined briefings and timelines. Upon launch and the grand opening, your online store will be set up in compliance with platform regulations, operating seamlessly and ready to welcome new customers.

Operations and Customer Care:
Satisfy Your Customers Every Day

Build and retain a loyal customer base with store and service excellence. Our specialists ensure smooth day-to-day operations and all-round customer support to increase store performance and consolidate positive brand image. We help you achieve high customer satisfaction, so your customers keep returning, growing and spreading the word about your brand.

oddity Asia's Analytics Solution:
Your Information in Data

Make data-driven decisions with our analytics tool, developed in-house. The real-time overview of your performance data provides 100% transparency in your language and currency. Gain deep insights with automatically generated reports and the integrated KPI dashboard.

Selected E-Commerce Client Case

dm logo

dm's Award-Winning Tmall Global Flagship Store in China

As the most popular drugstore in Germany with over 3,500 retail outlets across Europe, dm-drogerie markt has offered its products via its Tmall Global Flagship Store since 2017.

How to identify the hero products most suitable for Chinese consumers? Which social media and brand communication strategy speaks best to the diverse audience in China?

From strategic assortment planning and live-streaming events with influencers, to TMG store opening, campaigns and operation, oddity Asia is accompanying dm on its journey to stay competitive and gain popularity in this ever-changing marketplace.

Discover how leading cosmetics and FMCG brands leverage their e-commerce success

louis widmer

Social Media

Grow Your Brand in China's Unique Digital Landscape

Engage with your target audience through market-oriented content strategies and targeted campaign executions on the right channels. Creative concepts, local know-how and insight into the latest trends let your brand shine and increase awareness among your target audience on WeChat, Weibo, Xiaohongshu, Yizhibo, Douyin, Kuaishou, Bilibili and more.

  • Marketing Strategy
    Marketing Strategy
  • Digital Branding
    Digital Branding
  • Channel Selection
    Channel Selection
  • Concept Development
    Concept Development
  • Livestreaming
  • Community Management
    Community Management

Reach and Resonance:
A Consumer-First Cross-Channel Strategy

oddity Asia advises on social channel strategies and develops campaigns through data-driven market research analysis in the local Chinese market. Get recommendations on KOLs and social channel selections based on local consumer insights, cultural know-how and the latest trends. Maximize your reach, resonance and engagement with your target audience.

Enhance Brand Awareness:
Content That Clicks & Matters

Excite your audience by engaging them through creative content and campaigns that click well with them. With oddity Asia's expertise in local language, culture and branding, the very essence of your brand will be preserved, yet adapted and translated, bringing it in sync with the tastes and styles of your audience. Let's inspire, entertain and engage the mobile-first netizens in China to win their hearts and minds.

Steering Actions:
Live-Streaming and Social Commerce

Go live to grow followers, fans and customers: Leverage live-streaming and social shopping to drive instant interactions and purchases for your brand with state-of-the-art methods. Combine entertainment and shopping to attract and engage consumers. Your brand image and identity are invaluable: oddity Asia ensures strategic KOL selection and management to bring your brands and products to consumers in a positive, vivid and captivating manner.

Selected Social Media Client Case

dm logo

Cosnova: Stream Your Way to Success with Live Beauty Trends

essence, CATRICE and L.O.V.: Cosnova is a well-known cosmetics leader with a presence in more than 80 countries.

Cosmetics is personal: Given that aesthetic standards and market segments in China differ widely from those in Europe, how best to position the brand to create an experience for the local audience without any physical contact with the make-up products themselves? How to engage with Chinese netizens and beauty lovers, so they not only learn about, but also recommend the brands and products?

From strategic assortment planning, live-streaming, KOL and channel selection to TMG store opening, campaigns and operation, oddity Asia accompanied cosnova on its journey to grow followers and gain awareness in the competitive Chinese marketplace.

Discover how leading cosmetics and FMCG brands realize their social media success

louis widmer


Enter and Grow Your Sustainable Success in China: With Clarity, Relevance and Efficiency

Playing by the book does not work in a dynamic foreign environment. With years of FMCG experience and extensive market insights into China, oddity Asia clears roadblocks, identifies opportunities and guides you through market entry and development at every step. From start to implementation, we accompany and advise your business to help you optimize performance and achieve sustainable growth—with clarity, relevance and efficiency.

  • Market Research
    Market Research
  • Competitor Analysis
    Competitor Analysis
  • Consumer Insights
    Consumer Insights
  • Survey
  • Price Sensitive Analysis
    Price Sensitive Analysis
  • Business Case Calculation
    Business Case Calculation

Customer Analysis:
Don't Guess. Test and Find Out.

Understand your consumers through survey and analysis: How do local consumers perceive your brand, products and pricing? We design and conduct customer surveys and price sensitivity analyses to test the market response. Based on test findings and opportunity assessments, we refine your market segmentation and marketing strategy with you.

Market Research:
Your Key to the Right Strategy

Discover the characteristics of your specific target market. oddity Asia's market research gives you the insights you need to select the right products, target the right audiences and maximize your brand's e-commerce performance. Identify your competitors, learn from their strengths and leverage their missed opportunities with our data-based approach.

Business Cases and Recommendations:
Define and Take Research-Proven Actions

Your vision, goals and expectations are our top priorities. Expect to-the-point questions, dynamic exchanges of ideas and transparent communiction from us. With a clear structure, oddity Asia's strategists guide you to define concrete actions, resources and timelines, so your brand can take the right steps to enter and develop in your target markets. We construct research-based business cases and recommend various solutions for you to consider. With our consultation, you can select the most suitable path to achieve your company goals.

Discover how leading cosmetics and FMCG brands enhance their decision making